Antique Game Fishing Reels


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Dick Simpson
Dick Simpson Dunedin, New Zealand, 1946
E.D (Ted) Smout
Ted Smout Born 5/1/1898. Ted lives on his own in Sandgate, Brisbane and is 104 years. Photo taken 20/4/38. Ted is fighting a 709lb Tiger Shark. (L to R Bon Crammond, E.D Smout, Norm Gow, John Fern)  
E.D (Ted) Smout
Ted Smout With his 709lb Tiger Shark caught off Stradbroke Island in the 150th Anniversary celebrations. Photo taken at the Hamilton Weighing Station, Brisbane, QLD.Click here to see his certificate Ted Smout Certificate
Edward (Ted) Bush
Ted Bush (1901 - 1986). Early angler and reel maker who fished for everything from Luderick to Marlin and who made the “Marlin”, “Supermarlin” and other brands of reels. Operated his engineering business from premises in Mascot, Sydney until the 1970’s
Errol Bullen
Errol Bullen (1892 - 1968). With 515lb White Shark, Sydney 25/4/1936. Length 10′6″, Girth 4′9″. Errol was a pioneer shark fisherman from Sydney who commissioned the first purpose built big game fishing boat in Australia (1935) the “Atalanta” and who fished with great success up to the declaration of World War 2. Marketed range of custom made rods & reels under the “Atalanta” label. Atalanta Errol Bullen
George Hosford
George Hosford
Tackle manager for Allcock & Pierce Melbourne. Photo taken at Montague Island, 1935 by Jim Nixon  
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