Antique Game Fishing Reels


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Athel D’Ombrain
Athel D’Ombrain (1901-1985). Pioneer angler from Port Stevens NSW who adopted a scientific approach to the sport and who was very successful in the immediate post World War 2 years. Is credited with devising the now widely accepted tag and release concept for big game fishes, commencing his first experiments in 1938. Atalanta Athel D’Ombrain
Bill Dickens
Bill Dickens Won the Tom Bell Perpetual Trophy in 1968, with this fish.  
Bob & Dolly Dyer
Bob & Dolly Dyer Autograph reads “To our favourite Skipper Jim, affectionately Bob & Dolly Dyer 1952-1962″
Capt Francis Aldridge & C.D Watson
Capt Francis Aldridge & C.D Watson New Zealand, Circa 1936
Charlie & Lex Saunders
Charlie & Lex Saunders Charlie (Right) and Lex (Left) Saunders from Warren, NSW, in Bermagui, 1936
Cyril James Willoghby Farfor
Cyril James Willoghby Farfor Born 1901 in Montrose, Scotland. Died in 1965 in Melbourne from the effects of poisonous water snake whilst fishing in Tahiti. Fished at Bermagui in the 1930’s using Super Marlin Game reel. Cyril was a member of The Swordfish and Tunny Club in 1936. He was secretary from 1945 to 1949.
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