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Hardy Bros Big Game Reels

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Fortuna 2 9″ Extra wide non reversing game reel. Made in August, 1938, by Hardy Bros Alnwick. The majority of these large Fortunas had the makers initials, and the date of manufacture stamped on the inside
of the back plate.

Fortuna 5″ Junior Fly Reel

Fortuna Junior Fly Used for light sea fishing made circa 1934 Fortuna Junior Fly
Fortuna Junior Fly

Fortuna 9″ made from Monel Metal

Fortuna 9″ Monel Made On 5/9/34 by Hardy Reel Maker James.S.Davidson, who was empoyed by Hardy Bros from 1920 to 1957. Only 11 Monel Fortuna Reels were made by Hardy Bros. Fortuna 9″ Monel
Fortuna 9″ Monel

Fortuna 9″ Narrow Drum With Auxiliary Hand Brake

Fortuna 9″
Fortuna 9″
This extra was offered about 1934 for 4 pound 10 shillings. Only 2 of these reel in the narrow drum configuration are know to Collectors. Fortuna 9″
Fortuna 9″

Hardy Bros 5″ “Tuna” Reel

Hardy Bros 5″ Tuna The Tuna Reel was introduced by Hardy Bros in 1921. It was stamped the “Tuna” Reel Hardy pat. No 32450/20. It next appeared in the 1924 catalogue as the “Fortuna” Reel Andreas pat. No 123405/18. This change came about because Hardy had infringed a patent taken out in 1918 by Australian reel maker H. P. (Harry) Andreas. It was made in 3 sizes, 5″, 6″, and 7″. The tuna reel was probably only made in 1921 and 1922. Hardy Bros 5″ Tuna
Hardy Bros 5″ Tuna

Natal Surf Reel

Natal Surf Reel The “Natal” surf reel was made by Hardy Bros Alnwick from 1923 to 1948 in 3 sizes, 4 1/2″ 5 1/2″, and 7 1/2″. This 5 1/2″ model was made circa 1928. Natal Surf Reel
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