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Alvey Left 7″ Diam, 3 1/2″ Wide Spool Single Handle & Right 7″ Diam, 3 1/2″ Wide Spool Double Handle, single action game reels. Made by Charles Alvey, Bris. Circa 1939 Alvey Logo

Alvey, Model J2

Alvey Model J2 7″ Diam, 2 1/4 wide spool, single action game reel. Different from J1 as the J2 has a shallow spool. Made by Charles Alvey, Bris. Circa 1936 Alvey Model J2 Logo


Andreas Left 6 3/8″ Diam, 1 1/2″ Wide Spool & Right 5″ Diam, 1 1/2″ Wide Spool, non reversing single action game reels. Made by A.C Reel Co, Sydney NSW. Originally owned by E.E.Bullen. Circa 1920 Andreas Logo


Atalanta 5″ This is the smallest multiplying Atalanta game reel known. It is 5″ diam with a 2 7/8 wide spool. Made for Sydney pioneer fisherman, Athel F D’OMbrain, by Frederick Smith, Sydney NSW. Circa 1938 Atalanta Logo
Atalanta 5″


Bullen Atalanta 7 1/2″ Diam, 3 7/8″ Wide, single action game reel. Made for Errol Bullen of Sydney by Frederick Smith. Errol Bullen marketed the Atalanta reel and Atalanta rods. Circa 1936 Bullen Atalanta
Bullen Atalanta


Atalanta Max Lawson 7 3/4″ Diam, 2 7/8″ Wide spool, single action game reel made for Max Lawson, pioneer game fisherman of Sydney, by Frederick Smith. Circa 1935
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